Video editing is one of my hobbies that I love and hate. I love to do it, it just takes an enormous amount of time to create something awesome. It takes time to think about the perfect shot you want, whether this is for a music video consisting of scenes […]

Video editing; I (sometimes hate) loving it.

I reckon we have all come to the conclusion that blogging frequently isn’t my thing, unless when I’m travelling. Since that’s not as often as I’d love to (a trip to Dublin and the USA coming up soon though!), I decided to drop some lines on this page before it […]

Equality and peace

Nowadays, it isn’t hard to get lost in a series or even multiple ones. The heart wrecking moments when one of your favourite characters gets hurt, killed or even when the entire show gets cancelled. It’s all part of the deal. Luckily, sometimes there’s also fantastic news when they get […]

It’s the season: cancelled or renewed?

As most of you might know, I have never been a competitive person. Especially where horse riding is concerned, I’d rather go ride outdoors and relax. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t do competitions every once in a while. Ever since I have started taking western classes, it has been […]

Keep calm and let it slide-ish

Apparently, this generation and people living right now are having more difficulty talking to each other without a technological device. Whether this is a smart phone and its features or a tablet, having a real life old-school conversation is an enormous task. Pickwick (a large Dutch tea manufacturing company) used […]

Tea bags and life’s questions

I came across this idea on YT and Instagram (@equinedutchgirl) to post a 20 tags video on horse riding. In my version I used some of the tags offered by Zoë and I added a few of my own. If you’re inspired by this video, please let me! Love to […]

20 tags on horse riding

Words. Words on a paper. Written by hand. Written by different people. Wishes and dreams. None of them are the same, yet all are equal. They are equally important; no one’s dreams are worth less than others. No wish is pathetic; some might be less extravagant than others. Still, each […]

Happy is what happens when dreams come true

Slim, the chance Never to win Of course, the exception When the table turns When luck is on your side Here to stay In a bright place Tender and cared for Everything then has changed